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An Odd Visitor

Veterinarians Handling A Penguin During Procedure - Global Vet Experience

An Odd Visitor

An odd visitor came to Chintsa yesterday- a lost SubAdult African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus).

Students found “him” on the beach but didn’t realise how abnormal it was so on hearing, Alex immediately called her friends at East London Aquarium. The advised collecting him, giving him fluids and keeping him warm.

Penguins are very particular with many things so it was important that our qualified staff were on hand to show students how to cater for such an animal.

He is off to be fully assessed at the Aquarium today and updates will hopefully follow

Note: We don’t recommend people without training to try to care for penguins themselves, in fact any wildlife incident should be referred to qualified personnel as they can be a danger to people and frequently, humans trying to help can make a situation worse despite their good intentions.


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