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World Veterinary Day: When Is It?

World Veterinary Day: When Is It?

World Veterinary Day: When Is It?

There are about 77,260 employed veterinarians in the world, with most being located in California. That’s a lot of veterinarians who work hard to care for pets and exotic animals!

That’s why it’s important to take a moment to celebrate these hard-working people whether you’re a veterinarian yourself, know one, or just appreciate them. World Veterinary Day was made for this reason.

If you’re wondering “what day is World Veterinary Day?” or what it is exactly, read on to learn all about it.

What Is World Veterinary Day?

So, what is a veterinary day? World Veterinary Day is a day where we acknowledge the impact that veterinarians have made on our society and also celebrate their special work.

Vet work goes beyond what people see when they take their pets to their local vet office. Vets also care for livestock animals, help combat animal health concerns, and help care for exotic and endangered animals.

World Veterinary Day is a day to take some time and thank a veterinarian!

When Is World Veterinary Day?

This veterinary holiday is usually celebrated on the last Saturday of April. This year, World Veterinary Day is on April 29, 2023.

Each year there is a different theme to help celebrate the occasion. Last year’s theme was “resilience” in honor of how resilient veterinary professionals are year after year.

This year, the theme is “promoting diversity, equity, and inclusiveness” in the field of veterinarian professionals.

This year’s theme aims to promote removing barriers and celebrating equality and fairness for people of all genders and backgrounds. When diversity and equality are present in veterinary sciences, everyone benefits.

How Can I Celebrate?

Anyone can celebrate this special day! Whether you’re a veterinarian, an intern, a student, or an appreciative pet owner, there are ways you can show your appreciation this year.

Vets should feel free to treat themselves to something that makes them happy. This may be a trip to your favorite store, taking in a movie, visiting your favorite furry friends, or simply spending some time with your pets.

Interns are some of the busiest and most tired people out there. Interns usually work hard to clock in their hours all while juggling other life responsibilities and paying off student debt.

Interns should take some time to relax or take in an easy activity. Taking a nice, long nap is an option, too!

Animal lovers who appreciate their local vets can always do something to let vet staff know how much they care. Take some time to fill out or make cards and drop them off at the office.

You can include a photo of your loving pet to go with it. Small treats like chocolates or even a vase of flowers will brighten up a vet office and bring a smile to the staff’s faces.

There is no gesture too big or small to show your appreciation for your favorite vet.

World Veterinary Day and More

Now you know what World Veterinary Day is and when you can celebrate it! Remember that the theme this year is diversity and inclusiveness, so now is the time to celebrate all vets equally.

Contact Global Vet Experience today to find out more about how to get involved with internship and volunteer programs all over the globe.

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