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City of cape town, south africa

South Africa

Safari4u Game Capture Internship - Global Vet Experience Internship
Game Capture volunteers assist an experienced South African wildlife vet and their professional game capture team with wildlife relocations throughout the Eastern Cape. Volunteers are involved in every aspect of the capture from planning to immobilization, then transport and release. Training includes providing treatments as needed, monitoring vitals, and physically transporting a wide variety of species.
2 Weeks
Safari4u Vet Experience Internship - Global Vet Experience Internship
Vet Experience volunteers help small animals in disadvantaged communities, large animals in production and community outreach settings, and wildlife through game capture, reptile handling, and zoo projects. Volunteers can expect to explore different aspects of veterinary medicine, add a unique experience to their resume, help animals in need, and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in South Africa!
2 weeks+
Safari4u Vet Student Internship - Global Vet Experience Internship
This internship was designed for students who have completed at least 1 year of a veterinary course. The internship structure is an equal mix of small animal, large animal, and wildlife aspects, as in the Vet Experience program, however, the Vet Student Internship has more advanced skills and procedures, a smaller group size, and a full-time, highly qualified mixed-practice South African vet.
3 weeks
Explore all major fields of veterinary medicine and experience South Africa like never before. Interns can expect to work hands-on with animals under veterinary supervision with supporting lectures from vets in each field. Choose a comprehensive 4-week session or design your own session.
2 weeks+
Oudtshoorn Vet Student Internship - Global Vet Experience Internship | Surgical
This internship was specifically designed to provide clinical experience to final year vet students. The knowledge and practical skills gained through lectures and casework will support the transition from student to qualified professional in small animal, farm animal, equine and wildlife medicine.
4 Weeks