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Oudtshoorn Vet Experience Internship

Price South Africa 2 weeks+
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Oudtshoorn Vet Experience Internship

South Africa
Explore all major fields of veterinary medicine and experience South Africa like never before. Interns can expect to work hands-on with animals under veterinary supervision with supporting lectures from vets in each field (mixed practice, companion animal, farm animal and wildlife). Choose a comprehensive 4-week session for the Full Experience or Design Your Own session. This program was designed for young adults to learn more about veterinary medicine as a potential career path and students already on the vet med track to gain practical experience with a wide variety of animals in a beautiful and unique country.


“Build Your Own” (2w): $2,000 USD

“Full Experience” (4w): $3,600 USD

Additional weeks: $800 USD/week

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Every Saturday from February – November
  • Departure Time
    Small Animal | Large Animal | Wildlife
  • Return Time
    Animal Lovers | Pre-Vet Students | Vet Students | Vet Techs & Nurses | Vets
  • Dress Code
    Training is provided for all activities. Interns receive a welcome packet on arrival with a full program itinerary, guide to local culture, and t-shirt. Certified courses and Sunday activities are only included in sessions of at least 4 weeks. Limited to 4 interns per activity.
  • Included
    Airport Transfers
    Free-time Activities
    Laundry Facilities
    On-Site Support
    Pre-Departure Support
  • Not Included
    Travel Insurance
    Visa Fees (if applicable)
Full Experience - Week 1 : Mixed Practice (Small Animal, Equine, Dairy, Sheep & Exotics)
Saturday: Arrival
Sunday: Orientation & Cango Wildlife Ranch (conservation & education center)
Monday: Mixed Practice Vet Lectures, Training & Introduction
Tuesday-Friday: Mixed Practice Practical Experience (field & clinic)
Full Experience - Week 2: Companion Animal (Small Animal & Equine)
Saturday: First Aid certification course
Sunday: John Benn river cruise
Monday: Companion Animal vet lectures, training & introduction
Tuesday-Friday: Companion Animal practical experience (field & clinic)
Full Experience - Week 3: Farm Animal (Dairy, Beef & Sheep)
Saturday: Laignsburg Animal Welfare (non-profit)
Sunday: Mossel Bay (whale & seal watching, sunset cruise, shark cage diving)*
Monday: Farm Animal vet lectures, training & introduction
Tuesday-Thursday: Farm Animal practical experience (farm)
Friday: Artificial Insemination certification course (Day 1)
*Transportation to Mossel Bay is included but activities are an additional fee.
Full Experience - Week 4: Wildlife
Saturday: Artificial Insemination certification course (Day 2)
Sunday: Cango Caves
Monday: Wildlife vet lectures, training & introduction
Tuesday-Wednesday: Wildlife practical experience (game capture)
Thursday: Schoongezicht Wildlife Refuge (rescue, rehab & sanctuary)
Friday: Oudtshoorn SPCA
Saturday: Departure
Design Your Own:
Design your own session by choosing from the options above for a truly unique experience. These sessions have a minimum duration of 2 weeks. Please note that certified courses and Sunday activities are only included in sessions of at least 4 weeks, and the wildlife option is only available 2 weeks per month.

Tour Location

All interns stay at Surval Lodge, a 4-star boutique estate on a working farm in the Western Cape of South Africa. Each room has 2 beds and a private bathroom. Amenities include A/C, wifi, laundry and cleaning service, outdoor pool and lounging areas. The lodge is guarded and staff are available 24/7 to ensure intern safety. All meals are included in the program fee- breakfast and dinner are provided by Surval and a sandwich lunch is packed each morning.

Surval lodge Oudtshoorn accommodation Oudtshoorn accommodation Oudtshoorn accommodation Oudtshoorn accommodation Oudtshoorn accommodation Oudtshoorn accommodation Oudtshoorn accommodation Oudtshoorn accommodation

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Vet/Animal Activities:

Learn about all the animals you'll be working with here.
Mixed Practice Activities:
Small Animal:
  • Wellness examinations
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Surgery pre-med, prep & post-op
  • Anaesthetic monitoring (ECG, BP, etc.)
  • Blood draws
  • Observe surgeries
  • Observe dental procedures
  • Ultrasound
  • Radiographic positioning
  • In-patient care (IV fluids, blood work, lab testing)
  • Faecal worm egg counts
  • Microscopy of Common African Diseases (tutorial)
  • General clinical exams
  • Pre-purchase exams
  • Health checks
  • Pregnancy testing (ultrasound scanning, seasonal)
  • Lameness workups (including nerve blocks)
  • Observe dental exams & extractions
  • Surgery pre-med, prep & post-op
  • Ultrasound
  • Radiographic positioning
  • Pregnancy testing (ultrasound scanning, seasonal)
  • Bull fertility
  • Udder health and milk in-house culture
  • Milk parlour routine observation
  • Herd vaccination programs
  • Herd management and wellbeing
  • Calf rearing
  • Wool and sheep industry education
  • Shearing (seasonal)
  • Lambing (seasonal)
  • Teaser ram vasectomy procedures
  • Sheep vaccination programs
  • Sheep management and wellbeing
  • Bird Industry and protection education
Companion Animal Activities:
Small Animal:
  • Routine healthcare & wellness exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Wound care
  • Laceration repairs
  • Pre and post-op care
  • Patient monitoring for routine procedures (dentals, spays, neuters) and non-routine procedures (cystotomies, orthopedic procedures, amputations, etc.)
  • Routine diagnostics (blood draws, lab work, fecal analysis, x-rays)
  • General consultations and exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Fecal analysis
  • Lameness exams
  • Ultrasound and x-ray
  • Reproductive and neonatal work (seasonal)
  • Surgeries (colic, angular limb deformities, umbilical hernias, c-sections, etc.)
  • Dental work (rasping and occasional extractions)
  • Postmortems (when available for anatomy lesson)
Farm Animal Activities:
  • Reproductive exams with ultrasound
  • Evaluation of calf health in rearing units
  • Tissue sampling for mineral analysis (blood sampling and liver biopsies)
  • Sterile milk sampling
  • Udder health monitoring
  • Bull fertility
  • Herd vaccinations and management
  • As needed:
    • Difficult calvings
    • Uterine prolapse repair
    • Down cows
    • Postmortem exams
    • Bovine surgery (LDA correction, mass removal, enucleation, c-section)
  • Wool and sheep industry education
  • Shearing (seasonal)
  • Lambing (seasonal)
  • Teaser ram vasectomy procedures
  • Sheep vaccination programs
  • Flock management and wellbeing
Wildlife Activities:
South Africa has one of the most diverse and exciting wildlife populations in the world. Experience the thrilling world of game capture – from immobilization to transport, treatment and release. Learn about the game industry in South Africa, species identification, wildlife conservation, dart gun safety and operation, pharmacology and species-specific drug protocols. At the end of the week, each intern gets a bird’s eye view of the game reserve from our game capture helicopter*.
  • Vaccinations
  • Immobilization for transport and relocation
  • Immobilization for clinical exams, medical treatment, wound repair, measuring horn length and trimming hooves
  • Immobilizing buffalo to test for TB, Brucellosis, Corridor Disease and Foot and Mouth Disease
  • Immobilizing buffalo for breeding soundness evaluation/examination
  • Immobilizing game for sample collection for genetic analysis
  • Darting game with vaccines, deworming agents and multivitamins
  • As needed:
    • Surgery
    • Rhino Dehorning
    • X-Rays

*Session must be at least 4 weeks.

Free-Time Activities:

Sundays are for students to unwind and explore the unique beauty that South Africa has to offer- guided tours are available and included in the program fee: Cango Wildlife Ranch (conservation & education center), Cango Caves, Mossel Bay (whale & seal watching, sunset cruise, shark cage diving)*, Schoongezicht Wildlife Refuge, John Benn river cruise. Other activities include safari game drives, sky diving, bungee jumping, and more! *Transportation to Mossel Bay is included but activities are an additional fee.
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