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Spay and Neuter in Panama


Spay and Neuter in Panama

EXCITING NEWS! We have teamed up with a SPAY AND NEUTER Center in PANAMA!

Calling all pre-vets, vet students and vet technicians! As one of our team members, you will be able to assist the vet, perform pre-op clinical exams, inject antibiotics & pain relief, observe surgery, place ET tubes, place IV catheters, monitor anesthesia, blood sampling, inject sedation, administer medication, calculate drug dosages, set up IV fluids, calculate IV fluid rates, give vaccinations, provide wound care (cleaning, stabilizing, bandaging, etc.), run basic diagnostic/lab tests (snap tests, blood smears, skin scrapes, etc), and more!

Don’t worry it isn’t all work and no play, you will have 1 day off per week with optional (free!) activities including dinner at Miraflores, Panama Canal, Walking Tour of Panama Viejo, Casco Viejo and the Causeway, Amador.

We are very excited about this new experience and more information can be found HERE AT THIS LINK 

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