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Top Veterinary Schools in the World

Top Veterinary Schools in the World

Top Veterinary Schools in the World

The market size for the veterinary industry only continues to grow each year. If you want a veterinary science, medicine, or nursing degree, you’re in a sound field!

But how do you pick the right college?

Choosing the college that caters to your area of interest in veterinary medicine is essential to get started on the right foot. It also doesn’t hurt if it’s one of the top veterinary schools in the world!

We’ve listed our top choices for veterinary colleges across the globe. Read along to find out!

Royal Veterinary College

This veterinary college in London, UK, offers several bachelor’s degrees. You can study veterinary medicine, veterinary science, or veterinary nursing here.

The Royal Veterinary College partners with Aberystwyth University for their degree in veterinary science. This degree focuses on identifying and treating diseases in animals.

If you’re looking for opportunities for clinical training, Royal Veterinary College offers that. They offer other postgrad options as well.

University of California

The University of California in Davis, CA, in the United States, is hot on London’s heels. This prestigious college is known for being somewhat tricky to get into because of the vet school requirements.

You must already have a bachelor’s degree, a 2.8 GPA, and 180 hours of vet experience. Those are the bare minimum to qualify for admission.

The University of California offers a 4-year program to graduate with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Anyone who attends this college graduates with knowledge of all critical areas of veterinary medicine.

University of Edinburgh

Next on our list of top veterinary schools worldwide is the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, UK. The program takes 4 to 5 years, depending on when the student enters.

Graduate students of the 5-year program walk away with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery. From there, they go on to pursue master’s degrees and PhDs.

Students interested in poultry science, conservation, and animal behavior learn about that and more at the University of Edinburgh. Plus, it’s a bustling city in Scotland!

University of Bern

Aspiring veterinarians desiring a Master of Veterinary Medicine degree may want to look into the University of Bern in Switzerland. They also offer a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree in their 6-semester program.

First-year students learn all the basics of veterinary medicine and other fundamentals such as…

  • Genetics
  • Pathology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology

A vital factor to note is that the primary language is German at the University of Bern. Like many top schools, it’s a very competitive admissions process.

Visit the Top Veterinary Schools in the World

If any of these top veterinary schools in the world sound like a good fit for you, take a trip to visit the school. You’ll learn invaluable information about the city where you’ll spend the next several years.

Any of these schools is a fantastic choice for aspiring veterinarians, and all look wonderful on resumes. Research further by determining vet school costs and applying for vet school scholarships.

If you’re looking to add hours to your vet experience, our vet internships are a great way to do so. Check out our internship programs today!

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